Bamboo Aroma Diffuser - Pearl Opaque Glass (on Wide Base)

Product Code:PODISAW00

This solid Bamboo base with a Pearl Opaque Glass top… is Easy, Simple & Safe to Use with minimal effort, high efficiency & peaceful enjoyment.

So EASY to use: simply lift off the Glass lid (no twisting, un-clipping) - add water & desired drops of essential oil to the well (water capacity of 135 mL).

A SIMPLE operation with one (1) button for On/Off (a working time allowance of 4 hours +).

SAFE to use, with a sensor for Automatic Switch-OFF when dry.

Gentle and quiet vibration emits from the Diffuser which will ultrasonically disperse the oils within the water and creates a gentle "Water Smoke" mist. An array of colours will automatically change beneath the glass, to create and enhance a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The OBSERVATORY on a Wide Base : Approx. Measurements - Height 12cm & Diameter 18.5cm.

The ROUND on a Wide Base : Approx. Measurements - Height 11cm & Diameter 18.5cm.

The TEAR DROP on a Wide Base : Approx. Measurements - Height 16cm & Diameter 18.5cm.



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